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Delta Box

(or "Drawing Board")

This kite features both a reasonably large wing span and the added extra surface area and dimensionality of a triangular box kite design.


Materials for each Delta Box kite

  1. a ruler, a yardstick (maybe a protractor or a compass too)
  2. one or more sheets of 20" x 30" tissue paper (other colored scraps may come in handy as well if you like streamers and cut out graphics)
  3. six 1/8" dowel rods: two cut to to 16", three cut to 20", and one cut to 22" in length
  4. one piece of 22" x 28" poster board if making several kites from one pattern or newsprint if making only one
  5. a pair of scissors
  6. transparent tape
  7. white craft glue
  8. string

The first step is comprised of measuring or tracing out the pattern and carefully cutting it out. Since all the pieces will be used to construct the kite, there is no scrap left on this piece of tissue. The center rectangle will also be cut in half as shown on the pattern above.

Setting the center rectangle aside for the moment, the two end triangles are completely flipped over and glued back to the main kite body as shown. The overlap is only about 1/8 inch, with a very fine and even bead of glue applied to one side prior to sticking them together. Care may need to be taken that the kite not be allowed to stick to the table during this stage.

The three 20 inch long dowels are glued in place as shown. The middle one can be centered by either hand measuring or creasing the paper to find the midpoint. A fine bead of glue is again used to attach these dowels.

The two 16" dowels are also glued in place in a similar manner along the forward edge of the wings.

The two rectangular pieces of tissue preserved from the center hole cut are now gently glued in place. They should overlap the side dowels by about 1/8 of an inch on either side, forming triangular box sections on both the top and bottom of the kite.

The 22" dowel attaches to the wing dowels only at the midpoint of the forward wing edge.

Attach the dowel at each end with either a small rubber band or by tying it in place with string.

The bridle string should be about 25 inches long with a loop tied in it about 1o inches from the top. The string is tied to the lead dowel in the box section at points about 3.25 inches from the nose and tail ends.

You will want to test the bridle angle before sending this kite up. Streamers can be added for rear ballast and extra stability.

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