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Delta Kite

Although this kite uses more materials than the previous designs, it is not very much larger than single sheet designs that use a string bridle.

Replacing the string bridle with a tissue paper keel adds more general wind catching surface area.

Materials for each Delta kite

  1. a ruler, a yardstick (maybe a protractor or a compass too)
  2. two sheets of 20" x 30" tissue paper (other colored scraps may come in handy as well if you like streamers and cut out graphics)
  3. four 1/8" dowel rods: two cut to to 20" and two cut to 22" in length
  4. one piece of 22" x 28" poster board if making several kites from one pattern or newsprint if making only one
  5. a pair of scissors
  6. strapping and transparent tape
  7. white craft glue
  8. string

There are two wings on this kite design, but only one keel. From one piece of tissue paper, the above pattern is cut with the keel attached and intact. The second piece provides only the triangular wing shape indicated by the dashed line separating the keel above.

Carefully cutting out the wings.

A thin bead of glue is run down the first wing where the keel attaches. This was the dotted line in the pattern diagram. The second wing is gently attached at this point with no more than a 1/4" overlap. The keel is left as a free hanging flap on the front of the kite.

The dowel rod spars are attached to the back of the kite using a thin bead of white glue.


While four dowels will be used in this design, but only three are used at this point.


The keel is reinforced with transparent tape.

Strapping tape is attached to the tip of the keel for extra reinforcement where the string is eventually attached.

The final cross spar is attached to the two wing spars at a point 16" from the wing tips.

This final spar is tied in place, and it is NOT attached to the central keel spar.

Pieces of transparent tape can be used as patches to plug holes made in the kite surface either as part of the design, or as an accident.

Designs and streamers can be added as desired.

This kite will be a bit floppy when sitting still. When held aloft in a steady and gentle breeze, it will hold its shape.

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