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Basic Drafting

Now that you have been introduced to some of the basic measuring equipment, you get a chance to go out and use it. Drafting is the art of making plans and scaling lines from them. Expert drafters use their tools to make precisely measured lines in order to systematically convey their ideas to others. Here are some outlines for plans on which you can practice your drafting skills.

For some practice you will generally want:

  1. rulers, yardsticks, compasses, and protractors
  2. tissue paper of various colors (about 20" x 30" is recommended)
  3. several 1/8" dowel rods of about 36" in length
  4. several pieces of poster board (I suggest 22" x 28" or larger)
  5. scissors
  6. hobby knives and cutting boards
  7. transparent tape
  8. strapping tape
  9. white glue

For centuries, architects have used tools to render scale plans. We will practice using some of the previously mentioned tools by designing, constructing the scaled patterns for, measuring, cutting apart and finally constructing complete kites. The neater your original measurements are, the more exact your flying machine will be.

Plans on Povera:

Indian Fighter Kite
Indian Fighter
Sled Kite
Delta Kite
Delta Box Kite
Delta Box
Winged Box Kite
Winged Box

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