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The Incredible

Tissue Paper Sled

This one piece design may not look like most people's idea of a conventional kite, but it works. It also has a relatively intact surface for designs. When I was younger I used to fly a plastic version of this one that was marketed as a "poster kite."

Please note that measurements are given here with only minimal explanation. To achieve a viable flying device, care should be taken in interpreting the design notes.

Materials for each sled kite

  1. a ruler, a yardstick (maybe a protractor or a compass too)
  2. one sheet of 20" x 30" tissue paper (other colored scraps may come in handy as well if you like streamers and cut out graphics)
  3. two 1/8" dowel rods cut to 20" in length
  4. one piece of 22" x 28" poster board if making several kites from one pattern or newsprint if making only one
  5. a pair of scissors
  6. strapping and transparent tape
  7. white craft glue
  8. Pens, markers, and various other decorative materials that are not likely to add any weight to the kite.

The dimensions are straight forward. The kite is symmetrical so measurements on one side coincide with the other. A curve of some sort is suggested for drawing the top.

This kite is measured for a piece of tissue paper 20" across. It can be scaled if necessary up to 20 feet in size. When working larger, more durable materials should be substituted.

The design is traced...

... and then carefully cut out.

Decoration can be added before or after the spars are attached. Here, stencils are used with an air blaster pen.

The spars are first glued in place with a thin line of white craft glue.

When the glue has dried, the leading edge of the kite should be reinforced with transparent tape. Small bits of strapping tape are then used to further reinforce the ends of the spars and the bridle leads.

Poke a hole through the strapping tape bridle lead reinforcements to attach a 60" long bridle tied symmetrically.

Design Notes

Plans on Povera:

Indian Fighter Kite
Indian Fighter
Sled Kite
Delta Kite
Delta Box Kite
Delta Box
Winged Box Kite
Winged Box

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