Ah, it seems that you have accessed a higher level of Fugli, or perhaps I should say...
Fugli TrollFugli Troll

Phugli De Tr'll

Master of Space, Time & Dimension (Infinite Point version)

"... I left the ancient inn with dismay. My only companion on that empty street swung from the signpost overhead; its rust-stained refuse landing in an unwelcome cloud upon my shoulder. Tentatively, I turned my face to behold the burning eyes blazoned on the trump-tainted visage swinging so ignobly before me. Perhaps, I thought, this bedraggled creature could lend me his elusive insight. I began to concentrate.

"The contact flooded forth like an overtaxed trojan, filling my mind for the briefest instant with an itching icy patronage. Feeling my faculties return, I realized the contact had fled, leaving me with a brief, yet adequate message: 'Have your Visa handy, we do not honor American Express.'"

- Book of the Einhorn

As a construct of Mind, Amber's myriad shadows demand an often overlooked definitive; a landlord (or Shadowlord) if you will. As we peel back the omni-dimensional onion of reality, we discover several uncomfortable inconsistencies. These become easily explainable as soon as one accepts the fact that although shadow is defined by order and Chaos, and Pattern is defined by and mutually defines Dworkin through Logrus, all three are defined by the Primordial Phug (aka Phugli De Tr'll).

Let's face it. He was here first, so he owns it all. And, just because he hasn't collected the rent for some time, don't think that he won't.... Oh no, for when da' Phug comes, we'll know it all right. I just hope you've got your Visa handy!

Current Objectives: Once Papa Phugi (P.P. to his friends) finishes his last piece of pizza, maybe he will begin collecting a bit of his due. Luckily for us, Dominoes delivers. (Yep, he owns that, too!)



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