Various Photographs

I've got hundreds of pictures for your perusal. Newer faires and some artwork can be found in my new gallery, but older conventions and pictures are easier to access through the original pages that I set up for viewing them So you have a choice here between some old game conventions and newer faires. Most of these pictures were taken by me... an occasional addition may have crept in... you can tell if I didn't take the picture, because I am in it.

Medieval and Renaissance Faires:

Texarkana Renaissance Faire 2015

Norman Medieval Fair 2015 - (youtube playlist)

Cowley County Renaissance Festival 2014

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2014 - (youtube playlist)

Renaissance Pleasure Faire2014 - (youtube playlist)

Travelers Cross Fantasy Faire 2014 (with 3D Anaglyphs)

Norman Medieval Fair 2014 - (youtube playlist)

Heavener Runestone Viking Festival 2013

Cowley County Renaissance Festival 2013

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2013 - (youtube playlist)

Norman Medieval Fair 2013

Renaissance and fantasy Faire of the Ozarks - (youtube playlist)
(Formerly the NW Arkansas Fantasy Faire)

Cowley County Renaissance Festival 2012
(Formerly the Cherokee Strip Renaissance Festival)

Spirit of Magic Faire 2012

Norman Medieval Fair 2012

Cherokee Strip Renaissance Festival 2011

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2011

Norman Medieval Fair 2011

NW Arkansas Fantasy Faire 2010

Cherokee Strip Renaissance Festival 2010

King's Champion Medieval Faire 2010

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2010

Norman Medieval Fair 2010

King's Champion Medieval Faire 2009

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2009

Norman Medieval Fair 2009

Scarlet's Mid-Winter Renaissance Festival 2009

Shawnee Heartland Renaissnace Faire 2008

Lawton Renaissance Faire 2008

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2008

Norman Medieval Fair 2008

Scarlet's Mid_Winter Renaissance Festival 2008

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2007

Norman Medieval Fair 2007

Scarlet's Mid-Winter Renaissance Festival 2007

King Arthur Faire 2006

Shawnee Woodland Medieval Faire 2006

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2006

Norman Medieval Fair 2006

Scarlet's Mid-Winter Renaissance Festival 2006

King Arthur Fiare 2005

Scarlet's Mid Summer Renaissance Festival 2005

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2005

Norman Medieval Fair 2005 in 2D and 3D

Scarlet's Mid-Winter Renaissance Festival 2005

King Arthur Faire 2004 in 2D and 3D

Shawnee Medieval Faire 2004

Stratmore Medieval Faire 2004

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2004

Norman Medieval Fair 2004

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2003

Norman Medieval Fair 2003

King Arthur Faire 2002

King Arthur Faire 2001

King Arthur Faire 2000

... and the Game Convention Archives:

Weekend in Ravens Bluff 7, Oklahoma City, OK 4/6/2001 - 4/8/2001

SteelCon 2001, Stillwater, OK 3/30/2001 - 4/1/2001

TwisterCon 2001, Oklahoma City, OK 3/16/2001-3/18/2001

Conestoga, Tulsa, OK 7/2000

A-Kon, Dallas, TX 6/2000

Weekend in Ravens Bluff 6, Oklahoma City, OK 4/2000

TwisterCon 8, Oklahoma City, OK 3/2000

SteelCon 2000, Stillwater, OK 3/2000

DarkCon 6, Oklahoma City, OK 10/1999

Weekend in Ravens Bluff 5, Oklahoma City, OK 4/1999

SteelCon 1999, Stillwater, OK 3/1999

DarkCon 5, Oklahoma City, OK 7/1998

France (a trip dealing in Gothic Cathedrals, etc.), Normandy, France 6-7/1998

DarkCon 4, Oklahoma City, OK 7/1997