Fugli's Fantasy ForgeApprentice's Notebook

Welcome to the online "how to" manual of studio based artwork. Some people are under the impression that there are secret art formulas that ensure success. Well, I am here to dispel that belief. Yes there are shortcuts that artists sometimes employ when they know the appropriate circumstances in which to use them, but these are hardly secret, just difficult to explain to anyone who does not know the rudimentary principles and elements of art and design. (As I compile and compose, more information will be made available in this section.)

Lessons available at this time:

  1. Forward
  2. Line Quality
  3. Some Basic Equipment
  4. Basic Drafting (kite plans)
  5. Perspecitve
  6. 3D Anaglyphs
  7. Color Theory
  8. Brush Techniques
  9. Medieval Arts Resources