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A curve is basically another type of template, and is primarily used in the same manner. Shown here are two flexible curves. They differ from traditional curves in the fact that they can be bent into a specific shape and then used one or more times to create smooth curved lines. They come in both measure ruled and unruled styles, and are usually constructed of flexible plastic with a metal core.

Flexible Curves

Many also offer the advantage of dual edges. When pressed flat, one side is often flush with the paper, while the other side has an edge raised about a sixteenth of an inch off the paper surface. The flush edge works well with precision pencil work, while the slightly raised edge helps with rapideograph type pen work and helps eliminate stencil bleed as previously mentioned.

using a curve

Since this sort of curve bends easily, it is important to support it at two or more points when using it. Primary pencil pressure should be directed downward toward the paper to help eliminate change in curvature due to to the stylus pressing too hard against it.

Fill in lines

Flexible curves can also help when mirroring other lines. To reverse a line from one side of an object to another, just flip the curve over.

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