What's this? Has Bob's personality finally split? Are you seeing double?

The answer is both yes and no.

You have just entered the 3DHackmaster Zone. So, get out your 3D Anaglyph glasses - You know... the ones with the RED lens on the LEFT and the BLUE lens on the RIGHT.

Bob the Elf

You came here to read the comic, right?


What? You don't have a pair of 3D glasses? Well, You'll just have to get some.

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If you're really interested, you will want to know all of the legal owners of the stuff contained within.

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What some others have said about this site:


Fantastic job! There is even a plot!

- F Govers


I only wish I could have found 3d Glasses... got any idea where I could find some?

- Brad

[Yes, try]

Wow! Incredible!

You have done a wonderful job. I am really impress! The drawing are even better than the ones draw by Jolly :-) I have read the 2 main stories and I can't wait to read a new one. Bravo!

- Erik Bouchard

I feel inspired

The red/blue 3d is real effective... what software /techniques/resources did you use to create them. I would love to know.

- brainiac55

[paper, pencil, pen, eraser, scanner, poser software, colorit software for rgb separations, in that order]

this is crap

- caca

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