Fugli's Fantasy ForgeExamples

Learning by example through the written word can prove difficult for many individuals. These pictorial examples have been prepared for the explicit purpose of offering a mixture of both visual and verbal instruction. While each piece of artwork is presented with a specific emphasis on a particular medium, element, or principle, they are also offered as general examples of technique.

  1. Picture Pictorial (Human Figure/Basic Air Brush)
  2. Statues as Trophies (Inexpensive Ceramic Figures)
  3. Space Bugs (Acrylic/Fantasy)
  4. Portrait Pictorial (Portraits/Charcoal)
  5. Character Illustration (Human Figure/Acrylic)
  6. Action Illustration (Human Figure/Colored Pencil)
  7. Perspective (Linear and Atmospheric/Water Color)
  8. Paper Maché (simple sculptures)
  9. Tile Mosaic (Irregular Surface)
  10. Stained Glass Mosaic Sign
  11. Paper Making
  12. Paper Masks

Conceptual examples:

  1. Line Designs
  2. Manuscript Illuminations