Welcome to the
Online Gallery

These are some selections of images that I have compiled online. They are presented here for your perusal. A more in depth study of some other images can be found under the "example" section on the navigation bar. These are listed in alphabetical order for no specific reason other than it seemed to be the thing to do.

DeViations: This was originally site I designed as part of the "Streets of Ravens Bluff" web ring. It doubled as a fan site for one of my favorite LIVING CITY character. Since it's original conception it turned into a web comic, complete with some background material from the original site.

Familiar Images: Here are some drawings and paintings in a themed series based on wizard's familiars.

Fantasy Images on Povera: Here are some general drawings and paintings that are randomly distributed. I have broken them down into two galleries for black and white and color work.

Fantasy Images on Elfwood: I have some fantasy pictures housed on that site as well.

It Came from the Late, Late, Late Show: This is an archive gallery of some 3D anaglyph work that I've done. The process is simple enough once you know what you're doing. I'm even putting together a tutorial on the subject.

KoDT in 3D: This is a collection of my 3D anaglyphic comic art centered around Knights of the Dinner Table. It requires red/blue 3D glasses to view.

Mury and Meri: This is a compilation of a children's book that I illustrated on the Oklahoma City bombing. It is out of print now, so I have no qualms placing most of it here along with my artists comentary on the pictures.